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ISO Certificates

ISO standards are internationally agreed upon by experts – and we are ISO certified for quality, safety, and environment.

Claim Form

Are you experiencing unexpected damage to your lay-flat hose and would like to submit a claim? Download the form and follow the instructions. Our claim handling department will follow up after further investigations.

Pressure Drop

Download our pressure drop documentation.

Approved Couplings

A list of our approved couplings.

Chemical Resistance

E: Recommended; little or no effect on hose compound, suitable for continuous service.

G: Recommended; minor effect on hose compound, may be suitable for continuous service, suitable for intermittent service.

C: Conditional or questionable; moderate to severe effect on hose compound, may be suitable for limited applications.

X: Not recommended.

I: No data available.


Technical data and product specifications.


Aquaman L

Dragman Standard

Dragman Extra

Dragman Extra Performance

Dragman Premium

Flexitex Standard

Flexitex Extra

Mantex HP

Superman HVT

Ultraman HVT

Boreman 300

Wellman 300

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