Mandals has developed and manufactured Circular Looms since the 1930’s, and is now the leading global developer and manufacturer of this machinery, which is used for the production of lay flat hoses.

The origin of Mandals dates back to 1775 with the foundation of Mandals Reberbane for production of ropes to the sailing vessels.

Our sister company is named Mandals AS and is today a global supplier of lay flat hoses for agriculture, industry, fire etc.

The development and improvement of the Circular Looms benefit from the experience gained from the lay flat hose manufacturing.

Mandals "Looms" 2018
Legacy Through Innovation


To ensure the desired strength of warp and weft in the weave we focus on always using the highest quality raw materials, calculating the right number of filaments and determining the correct twisting factor


“The strength of a hose is in the weave all jacket are woven on Mandals patented circular weaving looms, which are preferred globally by 9 out of hose manufactures.

Our looms are constantly upgraded to meet demands in the hose market, and have over 80 years of uniform quality on key parameters.

Mandals background gives us unique know-how in both loom technology, yarn, twisting and weave construction.

We focus especially on a 100% uniform weave with uniform tension on both weft and warp to prevent diameter variations