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Our Legacy

Making the best possible circular looms has been part of our mission since 1935. Today you can find our machines in over 30 countries, some of which have been in service for over 50 years. Our machines continue to define the standard for quality and reliability in circular looms.

Built to Perform

Our machines continue to define the standard for quality and reliability in circular looms. We design, manufacture, and assemble them right next to our full-scale weaving production. This ensures the machines simply just work.

Great Customer Experiences

We work hard everyday to provide you with the best customer experience possible

Easy to Operate

Our looms are designed to be user-friendly and easy to operate

High Quality Materials

We only use high quality materials in our Norwegian production facilities

Worldwide Technical Support

Our technical support team is only a phone or video call away – ready to help out with your needs

Easy Access to Spare Parts

All our parts are made in-house, giving you easy access when you need parts

Proven Technology for Decades

We continuously develop our Looms technology – giving you the best possible product.

Low Maintenance

Testing and development in-house makes a loom that has a low degree of maintenance.

Continuous Improvements

Our Technical & Process department continues to improve our looms – every day.

Weaving for Excellence

All our jackets are woven on our circular weaving looms, which are the preferred looms globally. Our looms are constantly upgraded to meet demands in the hose market and have over 80 years of quality development expertise.

Our background gives us unique know-how in loom technology, yarn, twisting, and weave construction.

Our Models


Our HM604 is known worldwide in the industry as the benchmark for circular looms. The versatile qualities of this model are what make it so popular with lay-flat hose manufacturers.


Our 3 shuttle loom delivers high output, while also maintaining the flexibility to produce smaller and larger diameters.


Small and compact is a great description of our HM1500. The ideal choice when you want quality and speed without compromising on floor space.

Product Data
Model HM604 HM1500 HM3000
Versions SD SD EX SD SD
Max Shuttle Speed [rpm] 150 150 180 150
Number of Shuttles 2 2 2 3
Default Weft Net Single Bobbin Load [kg] 2.3 2.3 1.2 3.0
Default Gross Bobbin Weight for Operator [kg] 3.6 3.6 1.8 3.7
Default Weft Total Net Load [kg] 4.6 4.6 2.4 9.0
Default Minimum Diameter [mm] 20 20 19 20
Default Maximum Diameter
*Higher on request
[mm] 160 320 65 160*
Number of Warp Openings 478 478 310 411
Number of Warp Openings with Warp
Entry for Double Ends
956 956 620 822
Standard Weave Patterns*
*Other patterns on request
Suitable for Yarns Polyester
Default Rail Gap [mm] 1.75 1.75 2.3 1.8
Optional Rail Gap [mm] 2.6 2.6
Default Motor Size [kW] 7.5 7.5 4.0 7.5
Optional Motor [kW] 5.5 5.5
Default Voltage [V] 230/400 230/400 230/400 230/400
Default Frequency [Hz] 50 50 50 50
Default Shuttle Direction Clockwise Clockwise Clockwise Clockwise
Optional Shuttle Direction Counter
Default Picks Control Electrical Electrical Electrical Electrical
Optional Picks Control Mechanical Mechanical Mechanical Mechanical
Air Cooling Recommended YES YES YES YES
Automatic Weft Break Stop Included Included Included Included
Automatic Weft Bobbin Empty Stop Included Included Included Included
Automatic Low Tension Stop Included Included Included Included
Automatic High Tension Stop Optional Optional Optional
Noise Level [dB] 92-95 92-95 83-86 92-95
Floorspace Diameter Required [mm] 1980 1980 1200 1750
Footprint of Base [mm] 1400 1400 1100 1400
Height [mm] 997 997 1007 1050
Default Weight Approximately
*Floor take-off not included
[kg] 1500 1350* 1200 1350
Other loom modifications on request

Customer Testimonials

“The Ferrari of Looms”

“It’s a machine we trust”

“Parts accuracy is better than competitors”

“Excellent quality, highly reliable products”

“It’s a very reliable company. They are very kind to serve customers when purchasing repair parts.”

“Very good loom quality and last very long.”

Trond Helms

Sales Manager Looms & Spares
+47 38 27 24 00
[email protected]

Let’s talk about Looms

When it comes to Looms, Trond is your go-to guy. He’s been with us since 1995 in various roles related to the looms department. But most of all, his experience and in-depth knowledge about looms are greatly appreciated here at Mandals. Trond is here to answer any questions you might have about Looms.


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