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Structural Replacement of Drinking Water Service Lines

In recent years, the issue of contamination of lead and other toxic substances in water has raised significant concern worldwide. With aging infrastructure threatening public health, municipalities and homeowners seek solutions to rehabilitate water service lines. Toxic substances can leak into drinking water through corroded or deteriorating water service lines, posing severe health risks. Long-term exposure to lead and other harmful substances can result in serious health complications. 

Mandals Aquaman PE L is a Polyethylene (PE) based structural tubing solution for the full replacement of water service lines using pulled-in-place pipe technology. A trenchless solution that is both time and cost effective, with no deconstruction of the property or the premises required.


The SinPlomo™ System for Lead-Free Water Lines

SinPlomo™ is a NSF-61 certified innovative system designed by Purifico, Mandals, and Partners, to eliminate lead contamination in potable water lines. This patent-pending technology, named after the Spanish term for “Without Lead,” uses a modified version of Pulled-in-Place Pipe technology to provide complete protection against lead in water systems. SinPlomo™ offers a practical and economically feasible approach, avoiding the high social and financial costs typically associated with traditional lead pipe removal and replacement.

Making drinking water safe one drop at a time

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Flexible and large lengths can be installed in one operation, saving time and manpower.

Drinking Water Approved

Mandals Aquaman PE L is drinking water approved according to NSF/ANSI/CAN 61.

Less Impact on the Environment

A more sustainable rehabilitation solution with minimized impact on nature, existing structures, and infrastructure.



We only use high-quality materials and all products are well tested with a calculated lifetime of 50 years or more.

Mandals Aquaman PE L

Mandals Aquaman PE L is certified by NSF/ANSI 61 (Drinking Water System Components – Health Effects) and is a PE structural tubing solution for the full replacement of service lines using Pulled-in-Place Pipe Technology, for applications ranging from ¾” to 2 ½” in diameter.


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