Mantex HP


Available in lengths up to

Market-Leading Compressed Air Hose

Mantex HP is a world-class lay-flat hose designed for compressed air at higher working pressures. The hose is designed with a double jacket, meaning that both the inner and outer layer is made with premium thermoplastic polyether-based polyurethane (TPU). 

Made to Perform

Mantex HP is designed to be a flexible and lightweight hose that adapts to the terrain, making it possible to easily operate in difficult areas. For your convenience, the hose has been designed to be easy to coil for storage and transportation.



High Burst Pressure

Great Adhesion and Tensile Strength

Light Weight and Flexible

Long Lifetime and Low Maintenance 

Easy to Deploy and Store

Safety First

High Puncture Resistance

High Quality Materials

Explore Mantex HP

Mantex HP is the ideal choice when you are looking for a hard rugged compressed air hose that can operate under the highest operating pressures.

Mantex HP

Mantex HP is one of our most popular hoses due to its lightweight, flexibility and high pressure ratings. The hose has been designed to not stretch when pulled, and has excellent puncture resistance. In addition, the hose is oil resistant due to its high quality TPU lining and cover.

Product Specifications

Primary Uses & Applications

  • Compressed air for power tools and compressors
  • Borehole drilling

Color Options

  • Orange (standard)

Lengths and Diameters

We offer a range of diameters and lengths for this hose, depending on the version. The diameters range from 51mm to 75mm, and for some diameters, the hose can be delivered in lengths up to 40m.

Operating Temperature

The hose has been developed to perform in different weather and environments, with an operating temperature from -50°C to + 110°C
(-58°F to +230°F).

Mantex HP
Inch mm Inch mm Lbs / Ft Kg / m Psi Bar x 1000 lbs Tons
2 51 + 2.0 0.17 4.4 0.55 0.82 2535 175 31.7 14.3
3 75 + 2.0 0.18 4.5 0.83 1.24 1740 120 46.6 21.0
  • Note: Safety factor bp/wp is 4:1 (25%) for compressed air. (ISO7751)

Construction Catalog

Want more in-depth knowledge about how our compressed air lay-flat hoses can be used for construction? We got you covered in our construction catalog.

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