Upgrade Kits

An overview of current upgrade kits available

Kit 1

Kit for changing the rotation of the HM604 loom, from clockwise to counter-clockwise.

Kit 2

Upgrade the take-off unit to the new servo take-off.

Kit 3

Upgrade kit for changing to the new bearing and adjustment bracket in the shuttle for HM604 loom.

Kit 4

Upgrade kit for changing the old loepfe feelerhead to a new photoelectric detector.

Kit 5

Upgrade kit for changing the old clutch brake system to direct drive and frequency converter.

Kit 6

Additional tension control kit for HM604.

Kit 7

Upgrade kit for changing the old safety covers to the new 3 parts safety on the HM3000 loom.

Kit 8

Various upgrade kits from old HM501/HM601 looms to HM604 looms.

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