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Our Market Leading Transfer Hose

Mandals Superman High Volume Transfer (HVT) is our market-leading all-purpose hose for fluid transfer. Not only is Superman HVT designed for higher working pressures when transporting fluids, the hose is also heavily reinforced with exceptional resistance to abrasion and cutting. This is a hose you can rely on for a lifetime.

Made to Perform

Mandals Superman HVT is designed with premium thermoplastic polyether-based polyurethane (TPU) and is extruded with our state-of-the-art “through the weave” extrusion technology. The heavily reinforced and stabilized weave combined with great abrasion and puncture resistance makes for a hose you can rely on.

High Diameter and Dimension Stability
Great Adhesion and Tensile Strength
Minimal Snaking of Pressurized Hose
Long Lifetime and Low Maintenance
Easy to Deploy and Store
High Abrasion and Kink Resistance
High Puncture Resistance
High Quality Materials

Explore Mandals Superman HVT

Superman HVT is versatile and easy to deploy providing you with an ideal solution for fluid transfer systems, either temporarily or as a permanent setup.

Mandals Superman HVT

Mandals Superman HVT has full-diameter recovery after pressure release and is resistant to a wide range of chemicals. To prove that this hose can operate in the most demanding situations, we have developed it with excellent hydrolysis and fungus resistance, along with great resistance to weather, UV, and Ozone. Superman HVT is leakproof and tested in sections up to 200m.

Product Specifications

Primary Uses & Applications

  • Heavy-duty firefighting systems such as fire monitors
  • Emergency water removal during floods
  • Industrial plants
  • Refineries
  • Tank farms
  • Tank to ship vessels and vice versa
  • Long-distance water transfer
  • Mining
  • Supply hose for large agricultural systems
  • Fracturing

Color Options

  • Black (standard)

Lengths and Diameters

We offer a range of diameters and lengths for this hose, depending on the version. The diameters range from 127mm to 305mm, and for some diameters, the hose can be delivered in lengths up to 200m.*
*Longer lengths are available on special request for certain diameters.

Operating Temperature

The hose has been developed to perform in different weather and environments, with an operating temperature from -50°C to + 75 °C ( -58°F to +167°F) for pure water.

Superman HVT
Inch mm Inch mm Lbs / Ft Kg / m Psl Bar x 1000 Lbs Tons
5 127  + 2.5 0.14 3.5 1.07 1.60 650 45 34.8 15.8
6 152 + 3.0 0.15 3.7 1.34 2.00 650 45 44.0 21.0
7 178 + 3.0 0.16 4.0 1.61 2.40 650 45 70.0 31.8
8 203 + 3.0 0.17 4.2 2.15 3.20 610 42 81.5 37.0
10 254+ 5.0 0.17 4.3 2.73 4.10 520 36 101.2 46.0
12 305 + 5.0 0.18 4.5 3.38 5.05 435 30 120.0 54.5

Note: Safety BP/WP is 2:1 (50%) for all non-hazard and/or non-flammable liquids.

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