Available in lengths up to

Lightweight and Operator Friendly

Mortar is a lightweight and flexible boom end hose perfect for the construction industry. It is operator friendly, making it easy to pour concrete, and has a long lifespan, ensuring it will last long after you stop using it.

Made to Perform

Mortar has been designed with the operator in mind, using a unique design that allows the hose to pour concrete easily, even in tight spaces. The operator can easily control the amount of concrete that is poured and gives an improved flow control. The design prevents hose whip, an important safety feature.

High Diameter and Dimension Stability
Great Adhesion and Tensile Strength
Light Weight and Flexible
Long Lifetime and Low Maintenance
Easy to Deploy and Store
Improved Safety – No Hose Whip
High Puncture Resistance
High Quality Materials

Explore Mortar

Due to the characteristics of Mortar, it also considerably improves the efficiency of the construction process as operators can now use the boom end hose which saves critical time and space.


Mortar has a full-diameter recovery after pressure release and is designed for easy maintenance and cleaning. Compared to traditional boom hoses, it is also 1/3 lighter. For visibility and safety, the hose is designed in a deep orange color. With this hose, you won’t have to worry about whipping, which is a serious risk with more rigid hoses. Pouring in tight places for formwork is easy, with the hose being able to be whipped 180 degrees to stop the flow. Mortar is the perfect choice for any construction project that requires high-quality and efficient concrete pouring.

Product Specifications

Primary Uses & Applications

  • Easy pouring of concrete in tight places for formwork

Color Options

  • Orange (standard)

Lengths and Diameters

We offer a range of diameters and lengths for this hose, depending on the version. The diameters range from 110,5mm to 135,5mm, and for some diameters, the hose can be delivered in lengths up to 700m.

Operating Temperature

The hose has been developed to perform in different weather and environmental conditions, with an operating temperature from -50°C to + 65 °C ( -58°F to +149°F).

Inch mm Inch mm Lbs / Ft Kg / m Psl Bar x 1000 Lbs Tons
4 110.5 + 2.0 0.17 4.2 1.16 1.73 2500 172 178 80
5 135.5 + 2.0 0.18 4.5 1.64 2.45 2500 172 218 98
  • NoteSafety BP/WP is 2:1 (50%) for all non-hazard and/or non-flammable liquids. Internal diameter stated in inch refers to nominal hose diameter.
  • Do not apply a higher longitudinal load than 25% of the listed Tensile Strength.

Construction Catalog

Want more in-depth knowledge about how our hoses can be used for construction? We got you covered in our construction catalog.

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