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Antistatic TPU Hose

Antistatica is a heavy-duty, antistatic TPU hose that offers a high degree of flexibility. The hose can be used for transferring liquids such as oil, fuel, and chemicals. It can be used as a general-purpose antistatic hose as well.

Made to Perform

We have developed Antistatica specifically to handle liquid transport in refineries, the military, bulk refueling, and hydraulic fracturing. A dual longitudinal copper wire strap is attached to the hose body and attached to the coupling at the end to provide antistatic properties.

High Diameter and Dimension Stability
Great Adhesion and Tensile Strength
Minimal Snaking of Pressurized Hose
Long Lifetime and Low Maintenance
Easy to Deploy and Store
Safe Installation
Highly Flexible
High Quality Materials

Explore Antistatica

Antistatica is designed to adapt to rough, narrow terrain as well as meet MIL-PRF-370 requirements.


Antistatica has excellent abrasion resistance and very high tensile strength. When operated in the sea or freshwater the hose has positive buoyancy. We have designed the hose to minimize the need for storage, making it easy to store on reels or in containers. Access to the copper wires has been made easy for safer installation. The “dual” strapped hose exhibits less than 0,02 Ohm/m at operating pressure.

Product Specifications

Primary Uses & Applications

  • Bulk refueling
  • Refineries
  • Hydraulic fracturing
  • Military fuel transportation

Color Options

  • Black (standard)

Lengths and Diameters

We offer a range of diameters and lengths for this hose, depending on the version. The diameters range from 51mm to 152mm, and for some diameters, the hose can be delivered in lengths up to 200m.*
*Longer lengths are available on special request for certain diameters.

Operating Temperature

The hose has been developed to perform in different weather and environments, with an operating temperature from -50°C to + 60 °C ( -58°F to +140°F), depending on fuel type.

Inch mm Inch mm Lbs / Ft Kg / m Psi Bar x 1000 Lbs Tons
2 51 0.13 3.3 0.50 0.74 900 62 10.1 4.6
3 76 0.13 3.3 0.70 1.05 900 62 17.6 8.0
4 102 0.15 3.8 1.10 1.64 900 62 30.8 14.0
5 127 0.17 4.4 1.40 2.10 840 58 44.1 20.0
6 152 0.17 4.4 1.74 2.60 840 58 50.7 23.0

Note: Safety factor BP/WP is 4:1. (ISO7751).

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