Reliability in Demanding Situations

The construction industry is one of the most demanding in terms of safety. Our lay-flat hoses are specifically designed for this industry that requires efficient, and modern techniques. The lay-flat design allows better flow control and lower placement rates while being designed for safe use.

Our concrete boom end hose is a lightweight and flexible lay-flat hose with many advantages in the construction industry. It is operator friendly, makes it easy to pour concrete, and has a long lifespan, meaning it will not wear out as quickly as other hoses.

Our market-leading compressed air hoses combine lightweight and flexibility with the highest pressure ratings and safety. The long lengths mean it can easily be deployed and moved around in otherwise inaccessible areas. All hoses are designed for longitudinal failure mode, with a minimum safety factor of 4:1 between burst pressure and maximum working pressure. The dual-layer Mantex HP is additionally designed so that failure of a layer still ensures the structural integrity of the second layer. 


Incorporating our easily deployable hoses with your existing equipment saves you money.


Get the work done in a shorter timeframe, with a more effective solution, less manual labor, and equipment.


Our hoses have been designed with the operator in mind, making them easy to use and simplifying the job.

Safety First

Our hoses are made with the highest pressure ratings, and will always split longitudinally for safety reasons.

Construction Catalog

Want more in-depth knowledge about how our compressed air lay-flat hoses can be used for construction? We got you covered in our construction catalog.


Mandals Mantex is a lightweight, yet rugged and hard-wearing hose. It is made from a blend of nitrile rubber and PVC, with an added UV barrier to prevent damage from UV radiation.

Mantex HP

Mantex HP is a light, yet rugged and hard-wearing hose. Its low weight and high-pressure rating make the hose popular and easy to use. Mantex HP does not stretch when pulled and has a very high-pressure rating versus wall thickness with excellent abrasion resistance.


Mortar is a boom end hose that is a lightweight and flexible hose that is perfect for the construction industry. It is operator friendly, making it easy to pour concrete, and has a long lifespan, meaning that it will last long after you stop using it.


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