Mandals Lay-flat hoses have been the preferred solution in the global agricultural sector for decades. The durability and wear resistance provide the longest lasting hoses for such demanding use. Quick deployment and retrieval, combined with excellent flow rates and long life time, reduce operating cost.

We offer hoses especially designed for use with umbilical drag hose systems. This ensures environmentally friendly and safe manure distribution, and also prevents hard-packing of the soil.

Lighter hoses are used as supply hoses for irrigation and as feeder hoses for slurry systems. Our hoses are resistant to most industrial and agricultural chemical, ozone and UV-rays.

They offer the very highest abrasion resistance and tensile strength. In areas where irrigation water comes from bore holes, our specially designed well hoses replace of well water to the surface.


Mandals Dragman and Dragman Extra are designed for umbilical drag systems used for distribution of slurry and manure in agricultural fields. Hoses are connected between slurry reservoirs (lagoons) and tow tractors.


Mandals Flexitex and Flexitex Extra are intended for use as a feeder hose for larger irrigation and slurry units in the agricultural sector, and as a transfer hose for non flammable liquids in the construction and general industry.


Mandals SUPERMAN HVT is made from Thermoplastic polyether based polyurethane (TPU) extruded through a circular woven jacket made from high tenacity filament polyester yarn.


Mandals ULTRAMAN is made from extruded thermoplastic polyurethane based  (TPU) with excellent wear & tear properties. The reinforcement is made from circular woven filament polyester yarn. The “extrusion through the weave” production method gives a very strong bonding between cover and lining as well as firmly encapsulating the woven polyester.