The hose that makes farmers more productive

For decades, Dragman has been the reliable lay-flat hose for umbilical slurry systems in the agricultural sector.

“We have sold more than 2000 miles of the Dragman hose since its invention in Norway in the 1990s. It is our number one agricultural product, sold all over the world to help farms become efficient and productive,” says Knut Mjaland, CEO of Mandals.

Now part of the Michelin Group, Mandals was established as early as 1775. Originally a rope manufacturer, Mandals has evolved through continuous innovation to be recognized as a producer of world-class lay-flat hoses for a variety of uses.

Legacy Through Innovation

Design for Umbilical Hose Drag System

Dragman is designed for umbilical drag systems for distribution of slurry and manure in agricultural fields.  

The hose is engineered with extreme tensile strength and abrasion properties. It consists of a heavily reinforced polyester woven jacket “the steel of the hose”, with Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) extruded through the weave with great adhesion – no resin or multi layers


•  Heavily reinforced polyester woven jacket
•  Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU)
•  Extruded through the weave

“The result is a lay-flat hose which is ‘unbelievably strong’, to put it in layman’s terms. And it has to be. Just imagine it being over 1,300 feet long, full of slurry and being dragged by a tractor across a field of sharp corn stalks. If you are a farmer, you would not like to see this hose tear while working the field. By combining decades of experience, research and development, we have produced one of the strongest hoses imaginable,” says Mjaland.

Driven by technology and knowledge, output from the agricultural sector has multiplied in the last decades. According to the US Department of Agriculture, between 1950 and 2000, the average yield of corn rose from 39 bushels to 153 bushels per acre (+292%), and each farmer in 2000 produced on average 12 times as much farm output per hour worked as a farmer did in 1950.

Fenner Mandals is present at major AG shows around the world and is always available for a talk about how to keep your farm productive. Less downtime, increased focus on core business and making profit.