Slide Pipe Rehabilitation (Industrial) is a special designed thermoplastic covered hose developed for rehabilitation of industrial water mains as for instance cooling water, fire water mains etc INDUSTRIAL PIPE REHABILITATION

Slide Mandals Pipe Rehabilitation (Industrial) is a semi-structural, stand-alone hose that will ensure continual water supply even if the host pipe should break. Slide The Hose can be delivered in diameter range suitable for 4” (DN100) to 12” (DN300) nominal pipe diameter.

Slide DOWNLOAD DATASHEET SECTION LENGTHS WILL DEPEND ON: NOTES: - Hose Dim: Large dim = > Shorter lengths. Secondly, higher friction and drum space
- Number of bends: More bend => Higher friction => Higher traction
- Bend angle and R/D ratio: Sharp bends => Higher friction and greater risk of damage to the hose during retraction.
Can be dampened with good lubrication (silicone oil / cooking oil etc) on hose. High R/D ratio means less curvature and facilitates retraction, but also less “buckling” or folding of the hose at the smallest curvature radius
(1) Will depend on Operating Pressure and Hose Diameter
(2) Depending on Operating Temperature. Contact Fenner Mandals for further advice
(3) A Safety Factor of 2,5 is applied
(4) Theoretical calculated Tensile Strength. Efficiency factor of 0,8 is applied
(5) In-house Test procedure ( Double strokes –ds)
(6) Test procedure: NS-EN ISO 8033 (increased requirements)