Mandals Lay-flat hoses are used in large mobile stand-by emergency firefighting systems around the world. Stored securely and centrally to reduce the response time for a city, a factory, or a large refinery where the consequences of a fire are often dramatic. Fire hoses are also used in case of flooding, for quick and safe dewatering of large or small areas.

Above is related to Large Fire Fighting. Should mention something about Fire Departments i.e. Norway. Have been supplying hoses for Norwegian Fire departments since the 60’s and still do.

With roots in the maritime industry dating back to 1775. Mandals delivers fire hoses also to the international maritime industry and our fire hoses have been standardized for offshore oil rigs in the North Sea, a proof of quality in the most demanding markets.

After the Fukushima accident the requirements for stand by emergency cooling systems have become stricter also for nuclear power plants, and Lay-flat hoses have proven to have the right properties in terms of pressure rating, flow rate and mobility for such critical systems.


Mandals Guardman is a fully extruded hose where the rubber blend has been extruded through the circular woven polyester jacket , ensuring exceptionally good bonding and no delamination.


Mandals Mertex is a circular woven hose with an extruded inner lining of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU).

The hose is very lightweight yet rugged with good mechanical properties.


Mandals Getex is an uncovered fully synthetic firehose made from circular woven polyester with an inner lining made from EPDM rubber.

The hose has good chemical resistance against common chemicals.


Mandals SUPERMAN HVT is made from thermoplastic polyether based polyurethane (TPU) extruded through a circular woven jacket made from high tenacity filament polyester yarn.