Our market leading compressed air hoses combine light weight and flexibility with the highest pressure ratings and safety. The long lengths mean it can easily be deployed and moved around in otherwise inaccessible areas.

The compressor may be left behind, while only the drill hammer is brought up the mountain sides, or into the jungle, by manual labour if needed. The flexible hose adapts to the terrain. Low pressure loss ensures efficiency, and in case of smaller damages it is easily repaired temporarily on site to keep operations uninterrupted. In case of burst, for safety reasons the hose will always split longitudinal.

And should the construction projects require temporary bypass pipelines for drinking water, sewage or other fluids,



Mantex Hp is a ligh, yet rugged and hard-wearing hose. Combining its low weight combined with a high pressure rating makes the hose popular and easy to use. Mantex HP does not stretch when pulled and has a very high pressure rating versus wall thickness with excellent abrasion resistance.


Mandals Mantex is a lightweight, yet rugged and hard-wearing hose. Made from a blend of nitrile rubber and PVC , with an added UV barrier to prevent damage from UV radiation.