Slide INTRODUCING Fuelman "Introducing our new Antistatic Lay-Flat hose “Fuelman” for fuel, chemical and other supply operations where electrical conductivity is required. 3 versions for optimal and safe performance" FUELMAN Design Fuelman is a heavy duty Thermoplastic Polyurethane covered hose designed for transferring fuels, other liquid hydrocarbons or to be used as a general purpose Antistatic hose.

The lay flat hose is designed using the state of the art “extrusion through the weave” technology, ensuring a very good bonding between cover and lining the textile weave.

The antistatic property is ensured by dual longitudinal cooper wire straps attached to the hose body and which are connected to the end coupling.
The new Antistatic Fuelman has an excellent abrasion resistance to UV, ozone, fuels as well as weathering/hydrolysis and various commonly used chemicals.

Very high tensile strength.

It has a positive buoyancy when operated in sea water or fresh water.

The hose meets the requirements set out in MIL-PRF-370J.

The hose is manufactured in compliance with ISO 9001:2015 quality management system.
Advantages Low weight.

Easy deployment and retrieval.

Less storage needed - Stored on reels or flaked in containers

Long lengths + 200m

Easy to access the copper wires for safe installation
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